About my work

My smoke-fired pots are first fired in an electric kiln, sometimes I partly glaze them and may add a metallic lustre. Then one at a time they are surrounded with oak sawdust which slowly burns around them in an incinerator. The sawdust creates beautiful markings and subtle shades and colours. They do not hold water as they are non porous. My pots are not intended for functional use, apart from being displayed!

I also design and make jewellery. It can be smoke-fired or glazed with added lustres. Lustres contain metallic compounds and the gold and platinum lustres contain 10% real gold and platinum . Sometimes I add beautiful abalone shells or swarovski crystals. My jewellery is very popular as gifts and they are sent in a specially hand made presentation boxes.

If you would like to view my work before purchase you are very welcome to visit my workshop. Use the contact page to arrange an appointment. I live in Warwick. My work is bought by art collectors and is often bought as special presents or unusual wedding presents.

My signature/seal will be published in the next edition of 'British Studio Potters Marks' Bloomsbury.

I was awarded a Crafts Council setting up grant in 1999 and am a professional member of Crafts Potters Assciation.

I completed by B.A. Honours degree in Multidisciplinary design at North Staffordshire University.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my work. I constantly update my website as I am continuously creating new work.

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Thank you for visiting my site.

Claire Seneviratne