Kay McEvoy - Leamington Spa

I'm the proud owner of 2 of Claire's pots and several items of jewellery - as are many of my friends - they make perfect gifts. Her work is unique, high quality, beautifully designed and even better, it's all very fairly priced.

Vivien Mershon - Rugby

I have four pieces of Claire's beautiful work - two vases, earrings and pendant. Each piece is expertly crafted and unique and never fail to give me pleasure when looking at them. Claire's professionalism, integrity and attention to detail distinguish her from others. I have great admiration greater appreciation for her craftsmanship and design and will be proud to own more pieces of her work in future.

Wendy Pickering -Leicester

Claire's work is exquisite. The quality and designs of her pots and jewellery is stunning. Claire is my first point of call if I need to purchase something special for my family and friends...

Kyla Williams -Rugby

I am very lucky to own a pot and several pieces of jewellery by Claire. I adore the clean modern lines of her pots and the intricate layers of textures and colours she uses in her glazes. I have purchased quite a few pieces from Claire as gifts for friends, the quality, affordabilty and uniqueness make them ideal presents.

Judith Ciardiello -France

'Claire's work is original and unique. The different techniques she uses produce amazing results."

Kate Gribbon -Warwick

Claire's pots are beautiful -each one very individual which makes choosing one to buy very difficult! The jewellery is stunning and both pendants and earrings have been the perfect gift for friends and family!

Jo and Bob Cheshire

We have three of Claire's pots and they always attract a lot of comments from visitors. Each one is unique which makes them even more special.

Jess Garner -Napton

'I am always in awe of Claire's work - every piece is created with love. I own quite a few pieces of her jewellery and always enjoy wearing such individual and striking items. The earrings I own look delicate and are light enough so as to not be uncomfortable yet they are study enough to be practical and long lasting. I am on the look out for the perfect place to put one of Claire's beautiful pots next!'

Patricia Hollis -Warwick

Your work Claire,is always very professional. Your artefacts are always interesting and varied.

Grace Dore -Wolverhampton

Claire Seneviratne's ceramic work for me is a gorgeous mix of earthy, modern, simple but unique designs that captivate you spiritually, physically as well as asthetically. Her use of colours and glazes is subtle especially when it reveals her intricate patterns, blending with the various textures and glazes. I love all of her work, but her pots, pendants and wall hangings always grab my attention - breath taking designs !!

Michelle Palmer -New York

Claire is a talented artist who creates a wide variety of unique designs! I was impressed when I went to her show at the variety of different art objects she made. I went home with a pendant that I still wear several years later. It's a totally unique piece that I enjoy wearing at formal events as well as more casual settings. I'm glad she continues to make the world a more beautiful place with her art!

Stella Saad - Warwick

Claire's work is stunning, unique and very affordably priced. I love wearing my heart pendant and earrings which always attract so many compliments! Her jewellery and pots are beautifully made and presented and make the perfect gifts for friends and family.